Monday, August 16, 2021

Racing in the SCCCC Refresher


Since it has been a while now since we have raced I wanted to put out a bit of a refresher for teams. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me. 

1. Remember to renew your teams through USAC so that when riders try to select your team for their racing License they can select your team

2. Remind your riders to get/add the collegiate License. I do believe that licenses are now rolling 12 months from purchase not calendar year, so rider should be good for the whole school year fall and spring.

Collegiate License is $40. again it should be good for the fall and spring. 
One Day License are $10, so if you are racing both days on a weekend it would be $20 and if you race more than one weekend over the school year you should just get the collegiate License

3. Race Weekends consist of 3 races, for the MTB typically Short Track, Time Trial, and XC. $40 for all 3 or $15 each per rider.

4. Check race flyers before leaving, some venus have land use and/or camping fees so make sure you are prepared to pay those.

5. Typical weekend follows the below example schedule, exact times and which race when can vary depending on sunlight and other factors

Morning Registration
Mid to late morning Start of first race (TT)
Mid afternoon start of Second Race (Short Track) would run each field separately in their own race. Start times/order for races would be found on the race flier

Morning Start of XC all fields on course at the same time typically. 

I am sure there are other questions out there please ask them and we will answer them.

Ben & Jacque

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