Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Baylor MTB Updated Info

Here are some details you may want to know:


Camping is available both nights at the Northern Gateway in Cameron Park. There will be signs showing you where you may set up your tent.


Registration Saturday morning will be at the Mouth of the Bosque in Cameron Park. You may not ride your bike on the trails to the Mouth of the Bosque because there will be a trail run race that starts at 8:00AM so take the road to get there. I will be at the northern gateway Saturday morning to show people how to get to the mouth of the bosque till 9:00AM.


The uphill sprint will start at mouth of the bosque, all other races will start at the northern gateway.





8:30AM registration opens

10:00AM uphill sprint starts (at mouth of the bosque)

2:00PM short track race starts

              2:00-2:20 – Women’s B/C

              2:35-2:55 – Men’s C

              3:10-3:30 – Women’s A

              3:45-4:05 – Men’s B

              4:20-4:40 – Men’s A

              4:55-5:15 – High School



6:30AM registration opens

8:00AM – Men’s A XC start

10:15AM Men’s B, C, and Women’s A, B, C XC start


Also a reminder that the XC race is combined with the TMBRA series so there will be a lot of people there!


On-site registration only for collegiate at $15 per event or $35 for all three

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Mountain Bike Upgrades

I've been getting some odd upgrade requests of late.

First and foremost, we don't have any downhill or mountain cross events in the conference, so unless you're transferring in or racing a series in the summertime, please stop requesting "Cat A" DH or MX upgrades.

Second, a Cat A license is the exact same thing as a Cat 1 mountain bike license. The rules for upgrading are exactly the same and they are interchangeable for each other. With that being said. Cat 2 riders that can not qualify for a Cat 1 upgrade, will not be racing Cat A collegiate events. Also, once you get your Cat A upgrade, you WILL be required to request a Cat 1 mountain upgrade. We've been relaxed on this Tull for a while, but it seems to be getting abused more frequently. I'll be working with the regional coordinators and local associations and work to get everyone squared away. 

-Matthew Reynolds

Road Nationals Date Set!

The Collegiate Road Nationals will return to beautiful Ashville, North Carolina from May 13-15 in 2016! 

Let's start getting our spring season dates locked down, ease start submitting race proposals with a conference championship date of April 30-May 1.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

2015 Mountain Bike Schedule

September 5-6            Camp Eagle                               Rocksprings, TX
September 19-20        Baylor University                      Waco, TX
September 26-27        Texas A&M                               Millican, TX
October 3-4                Univ of Texas - Austin               Comfort, TX
October 10-11            Conference Championships       Canyon, TX

Click on the date for race information.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

2015 Track Championship

Get your track fix(ie) with the 2015 SCCCC Track Championships at the Alkek Velodrome in Katy, TX. Come ready for two days of racing with all the unique events that collegiate track racing has to offer.

Link to Pre-Reg

Link to Flier

(text of permit to follow)

2015 Conference Track Championship
2 Days, 3 Sessions
Saturday Morning 9am
Saturday Afternoon 7pm
Sunday Morning: 9 am
The SCCCC Collegiate Conference race will once again be held on the 333 meter
Alkek Velodrome and as always feature fast fun Collegiate Racing. Types of racing
will include Mass Start races, Time Trials, Team Events and the occasional event
that the promoter deems as fun
Track will open 2 hours before each session with on site registration closing 15
minutes prior to the start of each session. All teams for team events must also be
signed up at this time.
Online Registration: $30 Both Days, $20 One Day
On Site registration: $30 Both Days, $20 One Day

Schedule of Events:
Saturday Morning
Race Number Race Category Distance
1 Team Pursuit Women 3k
2 Team Pursuit Men 4k
3 Flying 200 Women - 2.5 laps with last 200 timed
4 Flying 200 Men B - 2.5 laps with last 200 timed
5 Flying 200 Men A - 2.5 laps with last 200 timed
10 minute break
6 Women's Sprint Round 1 Women 2 Laps
7 Men's Sprint Round 1 Men 2 Laps
8 Women Sprint Reps Women 2 Laps
9 Men's Reps Men 2 Laps
All Skate Miss and Out*
10 Women's Quarters Finals Women 2 Laps
11 Men's Quarters Finals Men 2 Laps
12 Women's 5-8 ride Women 2 Laps
13 Men's 5-8 Ride Men 2 Laps
14 Women's Semis Women 2 Laps
15 Men's Semis Men 2 Laps

Saturday Evening
Race Number Race Category Distance
1 Bronze Medal Ride 1 Women 2 Laps
2 Bronze Medal Ride 1 Men 2 Laps
3 Gold Medal Ride 1 Women 2 Laps
4 Gold Medal Ride 1 Men 2 Laps
5 Points Women 5x6
6 Points Men B 5x6
7 Scratch Men A 24 Laps
8 Bronze Medal Ride 2 Women 2 Laps
9 Bronze Medal Ride 2 Men 2 Laps
10 Gold Medal Ride 2 Women 2 Laps
11 Gold Medal Ride 2 Men 2 Laps
12 Scratch Men B 18 Laps
1 Lap
13 Bronze Medal Ride 2 Women 2 Laps
14 Bronze Medal Ride 2 Men 2 Laps
15 Gold Medal Ride 2 Women 2 Laps
16 Gold Medal Ride 2 Men 2 Laps
17 Scratch Women A 18 Laps
18 Points Men A 8x6
Madison 10x6

Sunday Morning
Race Number Race Category Distance
1 Coed Team Sprints All 4 Laps
2 Time Trial Women 500 Meters
3 Time Trial Men 1000 Meters
4 Pursuit Women 3000 Meters
5 Pursuit Men 4000 Meters
6 Scratch Women 12 Laps
7 Scratch Men 15 Laps

Description of Races:
Races will be run according to the rules chapter 2 of the USA Cycling Rule book.
Team Pursuit:
Men’s teams start with 4 or 3 riders while women’s teams start with 3 or 2 riders.
It is a team time trial over the set distance with the time coming on the 3rd rider
to cross the line for Men and 2nd rider across the line for women.
Flying 200:
A time trial over 200 meters from a flying start. This acts as seeding for the
Matched Sprints:
The top 12 Men and Women will qualify for the sprint tournament. Each sprint
will consist of 2 laps. All rounds are 1 ride with the exception of the finals, which
is best of 3. The winners of round 1 advance to the quarter finals while the losers
go 3 rider repechage round with the winner also getting a spot in the quarter
finals. Winner of the quarters go to semis, losers go to the 4 up 5-8 final. All men
will racer together with As and Bs being scored separately. Riders not making the
tournament will be scored based on 200 Time.
Points Race / Madison:
The notation XxY means that there will be X total sprints and sprints will be every
Y laps. Points will be awarded 5-3-2-1 for 1st-2nd-3rd-4th respectively. A rider
lapping the field will be awarded 20 points. Riders loosing a lap will loose 20
points. Madison is a points race of 2 member teams with only one person racing
at a time. Officials can not allow a team to race if they feel like a team will be a
danger to the race.
Scratch Race:
A race of a set distance with the first rider across the line that completes the full
distance wins
The Crawl:
A one-lap race where riders are not allowed to cross the start/finish line until the
bell is rung by the official. The bell will be rung somewhere between 1-3 minutes
after the start of the race. Once the race is started, riders are not allowed to put a
foot down, hold on to anything, ride off the track, and can not move backwards.
Miss and Out (Elimination, Devil take the Hindmost):
 A miss-and-out is a massed start race in which the last rider over the line is
eliminated from the race. Gaining a lap shall not prevent a rider from being
pulled nor matter in the final placing. Once down to the last three riders, there
will be a non-pulling lap then bell lap.
Coed Team Sprint:
A 4-member team sprint with at least one of the members being a woman. Each
rider leads for one lap and then pulls off in the designated exchange zone.
Time Trial/Pursuit:
A race against the clock held over a set distance from a standing start.
*The events are open to all racers and do not count towards the omnium standings
Alumni are invited to do the Time Trials and the * events
USAC Permit 2015-2758
Promoter reserves right to combine fields.
Alkek Velodrome - 19008 Saums Rd, Katy, TX 77084

For more information contact Ben Davis at

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

MSU Race 4/11

Hey Everyone,

As follows are the results for the Midwestern State race:



Road Race

Team Time Trial

And the results for the omniums through Midwestern:

Team Omnium

Individual Omnium

Some riders were listed with multiple bib numbers, etc. If you see any problems, feel free to email me at and I will try to fix it as soon as possible.