Saturday, February 8, 2020

TX ST Sunday Schedule Update

We are still a go, till we are not.
With the expectation of less than sunny weather please be prepared to race the following schedule. Combining and pulling some races forward to beat weather and give more travel time.
MD/MC WC at 9, 30 min ish
MB/WA 9:35 ish, 40 min ish
MA 10:15 ish 45-50 ish min. Done by 11 ish
Calls will be made on site in the AM.
Love Texas weather.

Friday, February 7, 2020

TX ST Saturday morning Parking reminder


Well will NOT be parking at the high school like previous years Saturday morning.

We will be at the Tanger Outlets. Specifically in the lot north of 234 nearest to La Quinta. 

See you in the morning, if not this evening at the HUB


Monday, October 7, 2019

2020 SCCCC Road Season

2020 SCCCC Road Schedule

UPDATED 1/6/2020

Texas State University
San Marcos, TX
Feb 8-9

Texas A&M
College Station, TX
Feb 15-16

Oklahoma University
Norman, OK
March 7-8

Tulane University
???, LA
March 21-22

Deadline for 2020 MTB race bids
April 3rd
SCCCC Conference Championship
Midwestern State University
Wichita Falls, TX
April 4-5

Collegiate Road National Championships
Augusta, Georgia
May 8-10

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

2019 SCCCC MTB Schedule

2019 SCCCC MTB Schedule
UPDATED Septmeber 19th

Camp Eagle
Rocksprings, TX
Aug 31 - Sept 1

Texas A&M
950 County Road 459
Troy, Texas 76579
Troy, TX
Sept 7-8

Texas State University
Spring Lake Preserve
San Marcos, TX
Sept 14-15

University of Arkansas
Lake Leatherwood + ENDURO
Eureka Springs, AR
Sept 21-22

Midwestern State University
Wichita Falls, TX
Sept 28-29

Deadline for 2020 Road Race bids
Oct 4th

SCCCC Conference Championship
University of Texas
Dripping Springs, Texas
Oct 5-6

Collegiate MTB National Championships
Snow Summit
Big Bear Lake, CA
Oct 11-13

Friday, October 12, 2018

2019 SCCCC Road Schedule

UPDATED 10/12/18

Texas State University
San Marcos, TX
Feb 9-10

Texas A&M
College Station, TX
Feb 16-17

Texas Tech University
Lubbock, TX
Feb 23-24

Oklahoma University
Norman, OK
March 9-10

Deadline for 2019 MTB race bids
March 29th

SCCCC Conference Championship
University of North Texas
Denton, TX
March 30-31

Collegiate Road National Championships
Augusta, Georgia
May 10-12

Thursday, July 12, 2018

2018 SCCCC MTB Schedule

UPDATED 4/30/18

Camp Eagle
Rocksprings, TX
Sept 1-2
** Individual Points on offer only, No Team Points

University of Texas
Flat Rock Ranch - Comfort, TX
Sept 8-9

Rice University
Rocky Hill Ranch - Smithville, TX
Sept 15-16

Texas State University
Spring Lake Preserve - San Marcos, TX
Sept 22-23

Texas A&M
Lake Bryan- College Station, TX
Sept 29-30

Deadline for 2019 Road race bids
Oct 5th

SCCCC Conference Championship
Baylor University
Waco, TX
Oct 6-7

Collegiate National Championships
Missoula, Montana
Oct 19-21

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Arkansas Classic

by Austin Montalvo

The second race of the South Central Collegiate Cycling Conference took
place in hills of Fayetteville, a beautiful town in northwest Arkansas where bikes
and breweries are on the top of the to-do list.

Saturday morning kicked off with a beautiful 8.4-mile time trial. This route
followed along an ice-cold creek all while allowing riders to obtain a total of 501 feet
of climbing. Mother Nature started the racers off with temps in the mid 30’s and
head winds gusting up to 25mph. The concerns of the racers gradually disappeared
as the sun shone brighter and brighter, quickly warming up the day. The last quarter
mile of this race was a downhill sprint where riders topped out their speeds in
hopes of shaving time off. Arkansas’ own Joseph Pardue (University of Arkansas)
took the win for Men’s B cat when he came zooming past the finish line. He was
letting all the other racers know this was his backyard and by no means was he
going to let them win easily.

After the TT, racers had a lengthy break where they could regroup for the
afternoon road race. One team even enjoyed PB & J sandwiches while hanging
around in their hammocks all while basking in the sun. There were not many trees
around so they improvised and hung their hammocks between their vehicle and a
light pole. I was quite jealous of their setup myself. There was a lot of friendly
communication between teams as strategies and trash talk were exchanged for the
next event.

The road race began that afternoon with a 2.8-mile neutral rollout that
eventually merged into the loop that would be the race route. The loop itself was 12
miles long with about 657 ft. of climbing per lap! The amount of laps racers
completed depended on their category. Men’s D and Women’s C cat raced 2 laps;
whereas Men’s A raced 5 laps. That’s a whole lot of climbing! There was one
particular climb towards the end of the loop called Weaver Hill, which personally
made me doubt if I would be able to climb it and not fall over on my bike. There
were also sharp turns at the bottom of some descents that put the riders’ skills to
the test. Namely, turn #3 had racers jumping the ditch BMX style. Racers’ favorite
part of the road race was the 2.8-mile uphill commute back to the staging area after
the race was over. It was the icing on the cake and was Arkansas’ way of saying “Y’all
come back now”. Joseph Pardue obviously still had tons of energy from the earlier
event and showed everyone how to climb Weaver Hill as if he was on a motorcycle.
He took first place in his division for the road race as well, bringing much pride to
his school’s ranking.

The next day (Sunday) was the last race day of the weekend where riders
gathered to race the short, but fast crit course. The .5 mile course was held on the
University of Arkansas campus near the Agricultural complex. This course only had
12 ft. of elevation per lap (thank God!). This course required the perfect
combination of skill and speed. If you were too fast, you would miss the turn but too
slow and you would get left behind. The biggest thing about this course is if you
were not fast enough to stay in the lead group then you would get lapped very
quickly, and officials would pull you out so that you were not a hazard to other
riders or yourself. I raced all of 5 laps before the fast boys had already started
catching up to me thus I was pulled early and placed.

All in all, it was a fantastic weekend for racing and the scenery along the
courses was gorgeous. This town is not short on things to do, and I highly
recommend stopping by if you’re in the area. Be sure to stop by the local bike shop
“Phat-Tire” and pet the cool dogs that are hanging out.