Monday, April 18, 2011

2011 Road Team Champions!

  1. Midwestern State Univ

  2. Texas A&M

  3. Univ of Texas - Austin

  4. Univ of Houston

  5. Tulane Univ*

  6. Louisiana State Univ

  7. Rice Univ*

  8. Texas Tech

  9. Texas State Univ

  10. Univ of Oklahoma

  11. Univ of North Texas

  12. Oklahoma Baptist*

  13. Univ of Texas - Pan American

  14. Texas Christian*

  15. Oklahoma State

  16. Southern Methodist*

  17. Baylor Univ*

  18. Centenary College*

* denotes Division 2 team (less than 15,000 students)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

2011 National Championships

Any category A riders that are interested in competing in the 2011 Collegiate National Championships should contact Matthew ASAP for information concerning qualifications and such.

In Division 1 as conference champions Midwestern State is allocated 6 of the 13 road race start spots and 4 of the 10 crit start spots. Jason Short (Midwestern St) as champion is guarantied a start as well, but as he is on a qualifying team, his "at large" spot is sent back to the conference but Jason will be recieving the conference "call up" at nationals. As the SCCCC criterium champion, Cody Foster (Texas A&M) is granted an automatic starting spot in the national championship criterium.

So, I have 6 road race starting spots and 3 criterium starting spots up for grabs. Based on conference standings, this list will be used to determine (based on who requests spots).

Shane Haga, Cody Foster (qualified for crit), Kyle Johnson, Greg Hercules, Andrew Erickson, Andrew Carlberg, Sean Kearns, Joseph Tokarski, Ben Davis, Brennan Percy, Michael Carey, Kevin Lovelace and Izzy.

Also remember,

Division 1 and 2 women and division 2 men contact me, we have more start spots than racers, so I can get you hooked up :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

2011 Individual Overall Champions!

The podium in each catagory, congratulations to all of our champions!!! More info on team overalls and D1/D2 overalls still to come.

Men A
Jason Short - Midwestern State
Alexi Martinez - Midwestern State
Shane Haga - Texas A&M
Tony Baca - Midwestern State
Sebastian Wichterich - Midwestern State

Men B
Ricky Randall - Midwestern State
Fidel Goytia - Midwestern State
Shawn Small - Texas A&M
Pierce Young - Texas A&M
Dustin Drewes - Louisiana State

Men C
Michael Sheehan - Texas State
Peter Voight - Texas State
Brian Barrow - Texas State
Adam McGullough - Houston
Tim Drayna - Rice

Men D
Alen Tausend - TCU
Stephen Johnson - Texas A&M
Andrew Stephens - Oklahoma
Zach Sutton - Oklahoma
Nick Blackwell - Oklahoma

Women A
Natalie Klemko - Midwestern State
Claire Routledge - Midwestern State
Loren Eggschwiler - Midwestern State
Irene Hurst - Tulane
Sarah Simmons - Texas A&M

Women B
Ashley Weaver - Midwestern State
Ashlea Britton - North Texas
Lauren Galbreath - UT-Pan American
Gabriella Ruiz - UT-Austin
Afton Shelton - Houston

Monday, April 4, 2011

Membership Base

As of my count and doing a little bit of late night research, this is what I have come up with as the location of our membership in the spring of 2011.

SCCCC Membership Base


France, Columbia, Trinidad and Tobago, China, Mexico, Canada, Swaziland, New Zealand, Germany, Spain, Russia, Switzerland, Israel, Taiwan, Australia, South Africa, and the Dominican Republic

And stateside...

Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Missouri, Maryland, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Illinois, Nebraska, Colorado, Washington, California, New Mexico,  Connecticut,  Kansas, Florida, Nevada, Minnesota, Virginia, and Massachusetts

If you know of a teammate outside of these states or nations, drop me an e-mail. - Matt