Thursday, February 17, 2011

University of Texas Race

A little over a week until the kick off of the SCCCC season at the University of Texas in Austin. Hope everyone is ready for an exciting weekend and I wanted to share some links to resources you'll need to work with in order to get registered and be ready to race.

Do you have a license, if not... go here and buy one: USA Cycling
Did you pre-register??? If you do, it'll save you money and the promoter time, go here to pre register: PRE-REGISTER.
Curious about the race itself, how to get there, the start times and all the other information can be found here: RACE FLYER


  1. So, this was my first race ever, but I'm hooked. thank you. Now that's outta the way, a few notes on the scoring.
    In the road race (women's B) Erin Stokes and I were listed as Louisiana State riders, we're actually Univ of Oklahoma riders.. as much as LSU might want us to be of their descent, sorry guys (look up #21 and 24. thanks!)
    Also Erin is Erin StoKes, not Stores lol
    That aside, I think there may have been a mistake in the crit results in Women's B category: I believe I finished midfield, but you don't have me listed due to lead girls lapping the field in the last lap, this resulted in many of the girls doing one less lap than the rest of the field.
    I realize these are some minor mistakes and probably will not affect team scoring, but we put our best effort forth. As a team we travelled 7 hours, paid our dues, trained hard, and want to see where we stand, correctly.

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